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Build a pair of Hi-Fi speakers in your home

Our online courses guide you through the process of building your own speakers within your home.

You don't need a workshop or pre-existing skills to enjoy these courses. Literally, you can make these speakers on your dinning table!

See our kits below

The current situation of Covid-19 means most people are spending more time at home.


Watching Netflix is a great way to pass the time, but working with your hands to build something is an even better way to be entertained and feel a sense of accomplishment.

A common question we get is “I don’t know if I’m skilled enough to build my speakers”, we answer back by saying that’s why The Speaker Project exists. To guide you through the process in a way that's simple and engaging.

Once you’ve completed our course you will be able to hook your speakers up to to an amplifier and listen to music. I’m sure you will be amazed with just how good they sound.​