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We've had 100's of people build their speakers with us. See what they had to say about The Speaker Project. 

Thank you for taking us on the journey of building the Trohet speakers, we learnt a tremendous amount and thoroughly enjoyed the project with our shared passion. As mentioned, you should be proud of what you achieved, the Trohet is a true audiophile reference speaker.

When I first spoke to Atlas, I wanted to build a speaker that would better my very high-end bookshelves and The Speaker Project has certainly delivered. They have exceeded my expectations, and I couldn’t be more impressed by their performance. Clarity, detail and sound stage is absolutely amazing. The Trohets are a high-end immersive experience that will make you fall in love with music again.

Atlas was always on hand to answer my questions and able to assist a novice like me, he always went above and beyond to help. More importantly, Atlas is a genuinely nice guy and his passion for high fidelity audio is infectious.

P.S on a personal note, thank you for helping create a wonderful experience and memory with my Dad. Dad always taught me it is the small things in life, this morning my daughter and I danced to UB40 in our PJ’s. It was a moment of immense joy."

— Jeremy, Melbourne Australia

I bought the Trohet speakers ready made about 2 years ago and was blown away with the value. Then the Trohet R came out and I was lucky enough to go a pair on pre-sale pair. I can't even put into words how good these speaker's sound. Their a big step up from the standard Trohets that is for sure, they're highly accurate, yet still provide warmth and body for a very enjoyable listening experience. All in all, highly recommended.

— Dean Zouroudis, Maroubra NSW Australia

The Speaker Project was one of the coolest, most unique experiences we’ve had.


We had so much fun and couldn’t believe what we built with our own hands in the end. The Speakers are beautiful, and Atlas & Tone are legends.


We highly recommend experiencing this because you won’t believe how good your speakers turn out when you take them home!

-Danny Fiorentini & Beck Prahin

What an amazing and unique experience!


I got to build my own high-quality, high-fidelity speakers, taught by a really enthusiastic and genuine couple, Atlas and Tone.


It was an added bonus that you are doing this in the heritage carriage works and meeting some cool people along the way.


This is a must do for any Sydney local who loves music!

-Alexander Burchett

The Speaker Project is not only about making your own high-performance speakers. It is much, much more…


From my experience working with Atlas on this course. My appreciation for sound and music has changed forever.


If you are like me and love music. Do yourself a favour and sign up to the next available course.

-Emmett Pugh, Margret River, WA

I did this course with my brother Ryan as a bonding experience and oh was it fun. It was so great to escape the rush of Sydney life and get our hands dirty in the workshop.


Tone and Atlas are so passionate about The Speaker Project and consciously consider each step of the process.

It felt great to be working on a tangible one of a kind speaker that would be ours to take home. You lose track of time in the workshop and learn so much about acoustics and sound. 

Only problem is, my brother and I now fight over the speakers.

-Kyla Marais, Canberra ACT

Great value speakers for the most discerning audio enthusiast.  Was looking to upgrade my bookshelf speakers and stumbled across this local business. Very impressive sound quality and remarkable value considering the product was hand made here in Australia. Highly recommended….

— Joel, Sydney, NSW Australia

I first heard the Trohet R’s when I went to friend’s house and on entering his living space had a “wow moment” when I heard the wonderful soundstage being presented by these speakers. I contacted Atlas the next day and ordered a pair to be custom made. I’m an avid listener of jazz, in particular, and have always had good hifi components but these speakers, out of any I’ve ever owned, have just blown me away for their crystal clarity, depth and warmth of sound - they colour the music just as I imagine the artist would want it to be heard.


Thank you Atlas for introducing me to an amazing new listening experience. These speakers are for life..

— David Watson, Queenspark NSW Australia

Atlas was extremely helpful with advice and decision making on other hifi equipment as well and goes above and beyond to help out. Can't be happier with service.

— Andrew Mason, Australia

Atlas' knowledge is fantastic, and his willingness to share said knowledge is amazing. I am in the process of getting all of the components together to build a pair of Trohet R's. I am very much looking forward to hearing these speakers. Atlas made the entire purchase process a joy and is a top bloke to deal with.

— Matthew T, Australia

Building Trohet speakers from The Speaker Project is really good fun. Dealing with Atlas if you needed anything relating to building them was very helpful.

To cut a long story short I upgraded to Trohet R. Then I built another pair of Trohet R.

They sound PHENOMENAL... Accurate...great definition.

Thanks to Atlas and Speaker Project. Do the course it is really worth it.

— Geoff Whitehead, Berry, NSW Australia

I recently purchased and built a Trohet R system. Well, before that i built a regular Trohet system which was simply incredible. I used zebrawood for that one.

But then The Speaker Project released the R and I was hooked. I built them out of Wenge using pre-assembled crossovers.


The sound it stunning. the tweeter is oh so sweet. It's hard to describe really... best I can say is there is a crispness and tightness to the sound. The base is exceptional but not overpowering. Atlas was so helpful and no question was to hard to answer even while he was on holiday in Europe. I do realise these are costly, so I am happy to offer anyone in Sydney a listen before you buy. I am based in the Bondi Junction area. Atlas can provide you my details.

— K S, Bondi, NSW Australia

"Maybe there's some confirmation bias in my thoughts, but all I can say is that the speakers are excellent.  They have no right to sound this good for the price. They throw an impressive amount of volume (and my room is very large), image very well and have bass extension that belies their size. Of course a high-quality sub fills in the bottom octave, but it's not required for most things. When I listened through The Wall, the it was lacking in nothing to me. 

Compared to the VAF DC-2, they are easily the equal of the VAFs at $1400 retail.  Very close to each other and the differences are subtle.  The VAFs sound a little more clinical, and slightly brighter. The Speaker Projects are a little more rounded/warmer for me, and a fuller bottom end, but not boomy or muddy at all.  I have shut off the subwoofer in the office, as for most music I don't think I need it anymore. 

I am a very happy camper and have already started seriously thinking of the next kit from you.  Have to put some $$$ aside."

—  Tim Wainwright, Scarsdale Victoria

"I cannot recommend this course enough, everything about it is great! Atlas makes what sounds like such a daunting task so easy and enjoyable. From the easy to understand videos to the kit itself, it's all layed out in front of you so you can craft a beautiful set of crisp Hi-Fi speakers. The course has given me a new appreciation for music as a whole. If you've ever thought about this course you won't regret it!

I just wanna say thanks again for the course, you've been great through the whole thing with the emails and calls and everything. It's been so great!"

—  Christopher Tate, Deakin ACT

"The speaker project was such a great learning experience that I encourage everyone who loves music to take part in. Week by week observing and developing the speakers was incredible and by the end you can have a lovely pair of hand crafted speakers to enjoy for a lifetime. The theory side of the course was also incredible in understanding the science of sound and how this impacts the speakers. By the way, they sound amazing! Highly recommend! Thanks Atlas"

—  Dan van Griend, Erskineville NSW

"The at home course was excellent. Absolutely everything needed was provided and the video instructions were super clear. Atlas was really helpful and always available to chat through any times I got stuck. The finished product is fantastic. A pair of speakers that look and sound way better than the cost would suggest. Highly recommend!"


—  Andy Welch, Lindfield NSW

I have been an audio enthusiast for many years and have toyed with the idea of building my own speakers but never really wanted to invest my time and money for something that I may not complete properly. Atlas and Tone's made it easy, fun and super informative. They have constructed the course with great care and attention which really shines during the time learning, constructing, testing and finally listening to the speakers. I have owned many types of higher end audio products, and I must say the seemingly humble entry level speaker performs way, way above its $775 price tag! I will definitely recommend this course to anyone who will listen.

—  Anthony Hurd, Bondi NSW

"I’m here in Brunswick, Melbourne listening to my favourite music on incredible sounding speakers that I built with my own hands! 

I’ve always wanted to build my own speakers and being a novice I wanted to start with a kit.  But the kits I found online assumed that I had the basic understanding to complete them.


When I found The Speaker Project home build kit I reached out to Atlas and I knew that this was something different.

The Speaker Project is about sharing a passion for building great sounding speakers while providing the fundamental understanding of speaker design and acoustics. I used the incredibly detailed step by step online video tutorials to build my speakers - pause, rewind, understand, construct - easy.


The kit provided me with EVERYTHING I needed.  I found some space to construct (our kitchen table) and loved that I could work at my own pace - and Atlas was only a phone call away if I needed some guidance.


I’m proud that I built these myself and they sound and look fantastic."

— Alistair Gourley, Melbourne Victoria

More reviews can be found on Google, Trustpilot and Stereonet.

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