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Designed for discerning audiophiles and audio engineers. 

Starting at $1,295 AUD


Experience the pinnacle of audio excellence with the Trohet speaker kit, a top-of-the-line offering that redefines what's possible in high-end speakers. Comparable commercial speakers of this caliber typically demand a staggering price tag of at least $6,500, but we bring you the same level of performance at an accessible price point.

Inspired by the Swedish word for accuracy, Trohet pays homage to the commitment to precision and exactness. Just as Swedish design is known for its harmonious blend of form and function, the Trohet speaker delivers a perfect balance of aesthetic appeal and exceptional sound performance.

What sets the Trohet apart is not only its exceptional sound quality but also its industry-leading instructions. We empower individuals of all experience levels to confidently construct their own speakers through our dynamic video tutorials. Whether you choose to assemble them on your dining table, workshop, or craft space, our step-by-step guidance ensures a rewarding and successful build.

The assembly process typically takes 8-15 hours, depending on your pace and efficiency. Once your speakers are completed, all that's left is to connect them to an amplifier, and you'll be ready to rediscover music as it was truly meant to be heard.


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  • the degree of exactness with which something is reproduced.


The TROHET's are designed for critical music listening and well suited for general music enjoyment.

To get the most of these speakers, we recommend an amplifier that can provide 50 to 500 watts of clean power.  Please contact or see our blog post if you're unsure about amp choice.

Speaker specifications:

  • Speaker drivers by Scan Speak (15W/8530) & Vifa (XT25)

  • 2 Way Design

  • Ported enclosure (rear-firing port)

  • Power handling: 100 Watts 

  • Frequency Range: 45 Hz - 30 kHz

  • Sensitivity: 84 db @ 1 Watt

  • Impedance: 8 ohm nominal

  • Dimensions: 36.5 cm high, 18.5 cm wide, 28 cm deep

  • Number of speakers in the kit: Two (2)

  • Suitable for both far and near field listening.

Trohet Spealker Computer Render Oak cabinet - website.jpg
The Trohet loudspeaker - the art and science of speaker design


The TROHET is an advanced passive speaker that would usually be built by high-end audio companies or experienced DIY audio hobbyists.

To solve this gap, our video instructions have been developed so that anyone with any skill level can enjoy building these speakers. 


The detailed instructions are broken down into 10 easy to follow videos that go into the nitty gritty. So, rest assured that you will know where every wire, every bolt and everything else needs to go. 

If you get stuck or need help, then send me an email or give me a call. I'm here to support you - It's in my best interest to have everyone finish making their speakers!


"Thank you for taking us on the journey of building the Trohet speakers, we learnt a tremendous amount and thoroughly enjoyed the project with our shared passion. As mentioned you should be proud of what you achieved, the Trohet is a true audiophile reference speaker.

When I first spoke to Atlas, I wanted to build a speaker that would better my very high end bookshelves and The Speaker Project has certainly delivered. They have exceeded my expectations and I couldn’t be more impressed by their performance. Clarity, detail and sound stage is absolutely amazing. The Trohets are a high-end immersive experience that will make you fall in love with music again.

Atlas was always on hand to answer my questions and able to assist a novice like me, he always went above and beyond to help. More importantly, Atlas is a genuinely nice guy and his passion for high fidelity audio is infectious.

P.S on a personal note, thank you for helping create a wonderful experience and memory with my Dad. Dad always taught me it is the small things in life, this morning my daughter and I danced to UB40 in our PJ’s. It was a moment of immense joy."

Jeremy, Melbourne Australia



See Alex's review. "I love my Trohet's and loved building them! If you are intrigued by DIY speaker building but intimidated by the learning curve or workspace required, this is the project you're looking for. Atlas has put together a really amazing video series and a comprehensive kit, which truly means anyone can build a set of great speakers, even in your kitchen if that's what it takes. It's not just Lego... building the Trohet is an opportunity to create something unique that you will be proud of every time you look at them, and even more proud when you press play. As for the sound, they are very versatile and traverse all genres. They are also forgiving for lower-quality recordings (like you might find on Spotify, for example!). What really impressed me was how good they sound at their price point; I honestly can't think of any speaker that compares, even speakers costing more than $5000 don't sound as good as the Trohet's. You also don't need expensive gear to run them; my setup is an entry-level Yamaha amp, a basic record player, and an Apple Airport Express for streaming. It's really nothing special, and the package truly delivers. The performance you're getting from the Trohet kit is above what you'd find in a commercial speaker costing in excess of $5,000. So overall I highly recommend this course, it's seriously high value and a great hands-on experience." Alex, Sydney Australia


We have spent a great deal on making sure our videos are easy to follow ensuring an enjoyable experience. 


The first video details the process of gluing up the speaker cabinet, while the final video shows how to assemble everything together. The video below shows how to install the port, provided as an example. 



One of the complex parts of building speakers is sourcing the correct parts - we simplify it by providing it in one neat box.

Click on the kit link at the top of this page to see the parts and tools list.


The crossover design consists of 8 capacitors, 4 inductors and 5 resistors per speaker. Most components are put in parallel with the speaker drivers to preserve the overall sensitivity (loudness). 

The woofer circuit employs a 2nd order filter while the tweeter uses a 3rd order filter. This typology has been chosen as it ensures good phase tracking at the crossover frequency (2700 Hertz).

Loudspeaker speaker crossover trohet design diy kit


Engineering circuit diagrams are a thing of beauty and can be a source of frustration. We make it easy by providing block diagrams that show where everything goes. It's about making a normally confusing process into one that's fun and intuitive. 

The course material and plans include all component values (I.e. C.1). 

loudspeaker crossover speaker trohet


Designed over a period of two years, everything from box volume to crossover design has been optimised to ensure accurate music preproduction is heard. 

The cabinet material is machined on a large CNC milling machine. Rebate joints are employed for a rigid cabinet while ensuring ease of assembly. 

Our proprietary bracing system has been developed to control cabinet vibrations. The bracing secures the front baffle to the side and back baffle to control the forces exerted by the woofer.

Trohet Spealker Computer Render Oak cabinet - website.jpg
scan speaker reverlator vifa xt25 tweeter trohet diy kit speaker


The woofer is sourced from Scan Speak and features a non-resonant cone, a powerful motor, and a magnet system. This woofer is found in speakers costing more than $20,000 for good reasons - it's simply one of the best woofers ever made.

The tweeter is sourced from Vifa and employs a dual concentric diaphragm for exceptionally low distortion and a "nipple" to aid in dispersion. These two pair for an incredibly accurate speaker.


The crossover circuitry is optimised for a harmonious, balanced sound, utilising tried and tested components from Dayton audio.

Each speaker has two crossover boards, one for the woofer circuit and the other for the tweeter circuit.

diy speaker kit
sustainablity speaker diy kit trohet



One of the beautiful things about putting these kits together is that we have control of where the material is sourced from. 

With increasing deforestation rates and illegal logging, we've pledged to purchase sustainably viable timbers. 

For example, American Alder is one of the most sustainable timbers on the planet with plantations growing faster than consumption - even the plantations are indigenous to where they're grown, which further reduces environmental and ecological impacts.

So. by buying this kit, you can be assured that together we're making a positive change to how we source timber.


Our cabinet material is CNC machined to ensure accurate cabinet construction. We also order in bulk so that the cost savings can be passed on to our customers. 

We offer four different timbers. Birch plywood provides an industrial/contemporary modern look. Step it up and get something fancy like Alder, Oak or Mahogany. 









All cabinet material is made from 18mm thick timber. The Birch is 100% plywood, and the Alder, Oak and Mahogany are 8mm solid timbers glued down onto 10mm thick marine plywood. 

All material is pre-sanded to 150 grit, which ensures material is in good nick before cabinet construction. Our cabinet material has been machined to a tolerance of +-1mm and +-0.3mm in critical areas so that gap-free construction can be achieved. 


If you would like to mill your own timber for the cabinets then that's an option too. Just purchase the kit without cabinet material and we will provide you with detailed drawings and a cutting list. A router and table saw is required. 


The TROHET's are suited for the following uses;

  • Hi-Fi and audiophilia

  • Studio monitoring and mastering

  • Nearfield and fairfield listening

  • Home Theatre - Subwoofer and a high pass filter of 150Hz is advisable if high SPL's are required. 

trohet speaker kit birch speaker stands diy how to



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