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It all started from a passion for music and building things.

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Hi, Atlas Gouverneur here, I'm the founder and teacher at the Speaker Project.

I founded the Speaker Project out of a passion for listening to music through hi-fidelity sound systems. But how I got here involved a journey of curiosity in building things and a passion for music. 

Circa 2008 I had my first experience of hearing a "high-end" audio system at my local hi-fi store. Some $30,000 Sonus Fabers stood in front, powered by a mound of exotic looking equipment. I was astounded that recorded music could sound this good. I was also astounded by the price tag as well to say the least. 

In the face of this budgetary impasse, a revelation unfolded - the DIY speaker hobby that hinted at a promising solution. Little did I know that this decision would set the stage for a lifelong journey.

My journey into sound reproduction began in my early 20s when I discovered that good loudspeakers are needed to reproduce realistic sounding music. But I also learnt that if you want to buy good speakers then you need to spend a lot of money. Or else build them yourself.

Over the next decade, I dabbled in all kinds of speaker systems - studio monitors, compact bookshelf setups, even more unconventional designs like open baffles. Each build was a lesson, more enriching than any lecture hall. And when I revisited that same hi-fi store a decade later, those $30,000 speakers didn't hold the same magic. Homemade creations were giving them a serious run for their money.

Yet, amidst this realization, I couldn't shake the truth: building speakers isn't for the faint-hearted. It's a complex journey, weaving through woodworking and electronics, with a learning curve as steep as K2. And yet, here I am, convinced that anyone willing to embark on this journey will find it worth every moment.

So for that reason, I founded the Speaker Project—to ensure that within a short span, anyone can partake in the exhilarating process of crafting their own speakers. It's about democratizing the joy of this hobby, making it accessible to everyone.


The inception of the Speaker Project was the birth of a vision—a vision to demystify the complexities, to streamline the journey, and to open the doors to the enchanting world of speaker crafting for all.


"I've hosted in-person workshop courses to share the wealth of knowledge so that others can partake in this extraordinary hobby."


The sharing extended beyond geographical boundaries, reaching those who couldn't partake in the in-person courses or were miles away from Sydney, Australia. The solution was the In-Home course, a bridge to connect enthusiasts to the realm of speaker crafting remotely.


My philosophy is - No matter your skill level, you will not only build speakers but build something that you're truly proud of for years to come.


The culmination of this endeavor was not just about crafting speakers but crafting them with a purpose—to produce music in a truthful manner. Countless hours were invested in testing, tweaking, and listening to ensure each speaker design offers a world-class auditory experience.


"So, whether you choose my In Workshop or In Home courses, rest assured, you'll not only have a transformative experience but will finish with a remarkable set of speakers that defy their price tags."


And thus, the music continues, echoing through the speakers crafted with passion, dedication, and the belief that everyone, regardless of their background or budget, can embark on a journey into sound.

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