Build a Pair of Hi-Fi Speakers in Your Home

We demystify how speakers are made and put the process into your hands.

We believe everyone should be able to enjoy a great sound system and also understand how it works. We provide the speaker kit and learning material for you to focus on the fun stuff.

Join Us in the Workshop

Meet like-minded people and build your speakers in our four session course.

AUD 2400

Do it in Your Home

Receive a speaker kit with all tools and learning material to build your speakers at home.

AUD 750

Why Build Your Own Hi-Fi Speakers?

Building your own speakers is an affordable way of obtaining high performance speakers. It's a new experience in which you learn how speakers work and reproduce sound accurately. Most importantly, it's a fun and rewarding process that will give you a deeper appreciation for listening to music.


Learn the function of the speaker explained in plain English. 


Immerse yourself in all stages of speaker building. Relax the mind and get focused.


Use your hands as tools and learn the fundamentals of woodworking. 


Understand the design process, both aesthetic and physical attributes.


Build the internal electronics from scratch. Learn what goes on inside the speaker.


 Hear the full spectrum of a song dancing between the cabinets.

"Atlas and Tone's made it easy, fun and super informative. They have constructed the course with great care and attention which shines during the time learning, constructing, testing and finally listening to the speakers.


I have owned many types of higher end audio products, and I must say the seemingly humble Entry Level Speaker performs way, way above its $750 price tag! Highly recommended."




Embark on a journey building your own pair of speakers while learning the art and science of speaker design.

You learn the fundamentals of woodwork, electronic circuit design and measuring sound produced by your speakers.

By the end of this journey you will have built your own pair of speakers, a functional art piece to be proud of for years to come.


We started the speaker building courses to share our passion for listening to music through high performance speakers.


We want to demystify how speakers are made and put the process into your hands.

Our speakers aim to reproduce music the way the artist intended. Listening to your hand-built speakers will add a new dimension to music.

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Co-founder, Speaker Designer & Teacher

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