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Starting at $4.720 AUD

Key Features


Dual Circuit Boards

Optimised crossover boards filter the electrical signal to ensure sound that is truly lifelike.

drivers only iso.jpg

2 -Way Design

Compact 2-way monitor that sounds more like a large floor stander.

VituixCAD XO-schema-1.png

Time Correction Filter

The sophisticated time Correction network provides breathtaking sound stage and musical accuracy.

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High Value

High performance speakers with a price tag 200 - 400% less than your local audio store.


Proprietary Bracing 

Dual asymmetric bracing removes unwanted cabinet resonances for transparent sound reporduction.


Bass Reflex

Rear ported design for deep punchy bass.

drivers only style 2.jpg

Diffraction Control

Offset tweeter eliminates cabinet edge diffraction for accurate instrument and vocal tonality.

7 years Warranty

Extended warranty provided for peace of mind. After this period, we will replace or fix any item so you can enjoy these speakers for life. 

State-of-the-art Sound Reproduction

The Trohet R, our latest masterpiece is tailored for those who demand nothing less than the absolute best. It builds upon the core philosophy of the Trohet but propels it to an entirely new echelon of distinction.

Designed for individuals who are uncompromising in their pursuit of perfection, the Trohet R caters to a select audience. It's a testament to what's possible when you seek the ultimate in audio quality. There are very few stand-mount speakers that come close to the performance of the Trohet R.

trohet r.jpg

Our Guarantee

More than 20 people have purchased the Trohet R speakers, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive—they're regarded as some of the best speakers ever heard. We're confident you'll agree. To give you peace of mind, we offer a full two-week in-home trial, regardless of usage. If you're not completely satisfied with the sound of the Trohet R speakers, you can return them within two weeks of delivery for a full refund.

How it works - ship them back to us. On receival, we will inspect the speakers, and if they're not damaged, you’ll receive a refund for the purchase price, minus shipping charges and a 4.5% restocking fee. 

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The Value of Hand Made to Order

At The Speaker Project, our Trohet R speakers are more affordable because we sell directly to you, bypassing retail markups.


As a boutique brand, we streamline operations to minimize costs, maintaining a fair 25% margin. This approach lets us deliver high-performance speakers at a fraction of the cost you'd find in traditional hi-fi stores, where prices are 2-4 times higher.


I first heard the Trohet R’s when I went to friend’s house and on entering his living space had a “wow moment” when I heard the wonderful soundstage being presented by these speakers. 


I contacted Atlas the next day and ordered a pair to be custom made. I’m an avid listener of jazz, in particular, and have always had good hifi components but these speakers, out of any I’ve ever owned, have just blown me away for their crystal clarity, depth and warmth of sound - they colour the music just as I imagine the artist would want it to be heard.


Thank you Atlas for introducing me to an amazing new listening experience. These speakers are for life.

David Watson - Trustpilot




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Warm Yet Detailed

In a high-end audio landscape increasingly dominated by overly bright and analytical sound signatures, the Trohet R stand out by prioritizing a different approach.


Their exceptional ability to blend superlative detail with a warm, inviting sonic character sets them apart from the crowd. 


Many enthusiasts describe feeling as though the music is enveloping them, a testament to the speakers' capacity to convey the emotional essence of the music while maintaining precision and clarity.

This delicate balance between detail and warmth ensures that listeners can indulge in extended listening sessions without succumbing to fatigue.


As a result, one can experience the immersive nature of music while appreciating its subtleties with unparalleled depth and richness.

Mahogany Trohet R with silver R2904 tweeter

The Revelation

At the heart of the Trohet R lies the Scan Speak 15W/8530 woofer and R2904 tweeter, both from the esteemed Revelator line. 

These two drivers are some of the best ever produced, providing exceptionally low distortion and wide bandwidth. For good reasons, these drivers are found in some of the world's most expensive speakers. 

But good drivers are only as good as the crossover design. For that, the Trohet R employs a state-of-the-art passive circuit. Scroll down to learn more. 

woofer and tweeter Trohet R in background.jpg

Passive Filter

The Trohet R features a meticulously crafted passive crossover network that fine-tunes the speaker's acoustics to deliver an incredibly natural sound profile.

The crossover is a sophisticated assembly, comprising 8 capacitors, 7 inductors, and 8 resistors for each speaker. To further enhance performance, the woofer circuit incorporates two resonant dampening circuits that effectively address baffle step and cone break up nodes.

The tweeter circuit is equally noteworthy, utilizing a second-order filter. A sophisticated time correction network has been thoughtfully integrated to achieve precise time correction between the woofer and tweeter. This critical adjustment enables seamless acoustic summation with gentle slopes on a flat baffle, resulting in an accurate power response and a naturally balanced in-room sound for fatigue-free listening.


Challenge the Status Quo

The Trohet R speakers are the epitome of high-end audio excellence, but without the astronomical price tag.


While many high-end brands charge over $10,800 for speakers of this caliber, building the Trohet R allows you to challenge the status quo, offering uncompromising audio performance at a reasonable price point.

Trohet R at roseberry render.jpg

Deep Bass 
Compact Cabinet

The Trohet R's rear-ported design strategically enhances bass performance, yielding well-defined low end within a compact cabinet.


Simultaneously, it mitigates port noise, ensuring distinct bass quality at elevated volume levels for an immersive listening experience.

Little Giants

Once you've welcomed into your hi-fi setup, you'll understand that the Trohet R is the only speaker you'll ever need, delivering a level of audio immersion that's truly unparalleled.

What sets it apart is the pinpoint imaging and remarkable clarity, leaving you to question the necessity of larger speakers. The Trohet R's sonic excellence speaks for itself.

Trohet R at roseberry render_edited.jpg

Tweeter Faceplate Options

The Scan Speak R2904 tweeter is available in either black or silver anodized aluminum.

Choose Your Timber

The Trohet R can custom made from three timber options.  


mahogany side detched.jpg
alder side dechted.jpg
OAK SIDE dechted_edited.jpg
three timber types side by side.jpg



Speaker Specification

The Trohet R's are designed for critical music listening and well suited for general music enjoyment.

To get the most of these speakers, we recommend an amplifier that can provide 50 to 500 watts of clean power.  Please contact us or see our blog post if you're unsure about amp choice.

Speaker specifications:

  • Speaker drivers by Scan Speak 15W/8530K00 & R2904 Revelator

  • 2 Way Design

  • Ported enclosure (rear-firing port)

  • Power handling: 100 Watts 

  • Frequency Range: 45 Hz - 30 kHz

  • Sensitivity: 84 db @ 1 Watt

  • Impedance: 8 ohm nominal

  • Dimensions: 36.5 cm high, 18.5 cm wide, 28 cm deep

  • Number of speakers in the kit: Two

  • Suitable for both far and near field listening.


Reference Frequency Response

The TROHET's have a frequency response of +-2 dB between 100-20KHz. The frequency range below 700 hertz is 1 dB above the median response level, which provides warmth and body for musical enjoyment. 


The Inverse Response

This graph shows the response when the tweeter is measured 180° out of phase. The deeper the "null", the better the phase tracking. Phase is an often-overlooked part of speaker design, where many just focus on the frequency response. In my experience, a speaker is only great when both phase and frequency are optimised. 

trohet r inverse.png

Impedance Response 

The graph also shows the impedance response,  which demonstrates a moderately easy speaker to drive, it may not be suitable for all tube amps, but any solid state will be able to drive these speakers. The key features of the impedance response are detailed below;

  • The ported cabinet tuning frequency is shown to be 39 Hz.

  • The nominal impedance is 8Ω between 1Hz - 20kHz.

  • Max impedance of 26.85Ω @ 71 Hz.

  • Min impedance of 5.05Ω @ 383 Hz.​

  • Max electrical phase shift of 40° @ 774 Hz.

  • Min electrical phase shit of -52.31° @ 90 Hz.

impedance 100hz to 20khz.png

Trohet R Custom Made

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