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Our stands are designed to enhance the speakers sonic performance while adding clean ascetics to your home.

Each stand is handmade in Australia from 100% sustainably sourced timber.

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Pillar speaker stands

AUD $900 per pair

Stands with style

If you have stand mount speakers then you will want stands to get the most performance out of your system. ​

The most notable benefit is that stands reduce early reflections and provide a solid foundation for your speakers to rest on - all this enhances the listening experience. 


Inspiration was drawn from Art Deco and Modernism design ethos. So whether your home is of modern or a vintage style, then these stands will compliment your aesthetic goals. 

Each stand has been hand made in Australia from 100% FSC sustainable timber. 


Designed for performance

The Pillar speaker stands have been designed in house with aesthetic and performance being the main requirements. So your speakers will perform their best and provide accurate sound reproduction. The height of the stand is ideal for driver location, which is imperative for sound stage accuracy.

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Dimensionally stable

They stands have been designed to provide a solid platform for your stand mount speakers to rest on. The top and bottom plates are proportioned for stability and the vertical support is fillable to further mass load the stands for further dampen vibrations.


Vibration control

Gold plated spikes (x4) are fitted to the base so that the stand can be levelled while ensuring vibrations are dissipated. Rubber matt or glue tac can be placed between the stand and the speaker to further limit vibration transfer and ensure the speaker is not displaced - glue tac is provided and highly recommended to be used.



Height: 685mm

Base: 400mm x 280mm

Top plate: 240mm x 150mm 

Max speaker size: 30kg - speaker base to be no larger than 350mm by 350mm.

Fillable: The vertical member is hollow and can be filled with sand via the hole on the top plate.

Finish: Black ink dyed with 3 coats of varnish and buffed with furniture wax.

Sold per pair.

3 years warranty.

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