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Whether you build your own speakers or buy ready made, you will need to get a number key components to finish off your hi-Fi system.


The purpose of this article is to give you some ideas to help you setup an awesome system that suits your budget and needs. 

I’ll admit the process of building a hi-fi system can be overwhelming. What amp do I need? Will my
friends think I’m cool if I have a turntable? Are special speaker cables going to make my speakers
sound better?

To answer these questions, I recommend start by asking yourself two questions. What is your
budget, and will you be listening to streaming apps (i.e. Spotify) or vinyl and streaming apps?

Based on how you answered those questions you will relate to the one of the four characters who
made speakers in an alternate universe.

Hi-Fi Setup Ideas

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Every HiFi system tells a


Mary Jane


Jane loves to listen to music while she relaxes, has friends over for dinner parties but doesn’t listen to music critically. She also built the Copenhagen speakers.


Her favorite music is on Spotify and has no desire for vinyl. Her budget is $250.


Jane bought the SMSL AD18 amp and simple speaker wire from Jcar. With this system Jane plays music from Spotify via Bluetooth – phone pairs to the amp via Bluetooth.


She also has the possibility to connect her TV to the amplifier via an optical cable for movies and TV shows.