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Alex's Trohet Speaker Build: His Thoughts and Insights

Alex Lyon reached out over two years ago, at a time when the Trohet speaker kit had recently been released.

Alex had built his own full range loudspeakers using Mark Audio drivers. He built narrow floor standers, which he says sounded great. But he wanted more, something "that works well with all genres".

Alex decided on the Trohet kit, and with his skills in woodworking, he built his cabinets from scratch.

He opted for a modern look, and decided on Nardo Grey, which is the paint found on Audi's sport cars.

Fast forward to two years, Alex has been listening to his Trohet speakers, where they are setup in his lounge room.

Alex has some interesting things to say about his Trohet's along with some of his insights. Watch his video below to hear his thoughts.

At the end of our conversation, I asked Alex about his plans for his hifi system in the future. He said he's in the process of building speaker stands and looking at building a pair of Hypex Ncore400 monoblocs. He mentioned the use of stools serving as stands have served him well but looks forward to having dedicated stands.

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