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Altone Design and The Speaker Project have teamed up to create a modern audio console.


The design objective was to create a piece of furniture that eliminates the need for a sound bar and a TV cabinet. 

The solution, is a console with quality speakers built in. The speakers have been sourced from SB Acoustics. 

A 6.5 inch woofer is paired with a 1.25 inch tweeter, which both offer superb sonic characteristics. 

Ace Audio_5825 HR.jpg
Ace Audio_5844 HR.jpg


The ACE console has been designed with state-of-the-art technology that delivers an immersive sound experience in your home. Each component has been hand-selected to ensure balanced acoustics are realized. This includes optimized console geometry, Danish-designed speaker drivers and studio-grade electroacoustic technology.

As music lovers, the designers of the ACE console set out with a simple objective - to make music enjoyable to listen to. The ACE achieves this by providing exceptionally deep bass, a midrange that’s as smooth as velvet and highs that sparkle for days. This sonic balance brings about a deeply emotive experience that’s often associated with live music, but all in your living room.

Dimensions : 2200 x 500 x 650 (H)

Sold exclusively through

Ace Audio_5837 HR.jpg
Ace Audio_5834 HR.jpg
Ace Audio_5836 HR.jpg
Ace Audio_5843 HR_edited.jpg
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