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The Speaker Project is not only about making your own high performance speakers. It is much, much more…


From my experience working with Tone & Atlas on this course. My appreciation for sound and music has changed forever.

Before The Speaker Project - I was missing out. But now that I have built my own set of epic speakers… I can feel the sound vibrating through my body every time I tune in for a sound session. 


Before I used to listen to music. Now I can feel the music with all its subtle magical complexities. 


If you are like me and love music. Do yourself a favour and sign up to the next available course before it books out.

-Emmett Pugh

The Speaker Project was one of the coolest, most unique experiences we’ve had.


We had so much fun and couldn’t believe what we built with our own hands in the end. The Speakers are beautiful, and Atlas & Tone are legends.


We highly recommend experiencing this because you won’t believe how good your speakers turn out when you take them home!

-Danny Fiorentini & Beck Prahin

What an amazing and unique experience!


I got to build my own high-quality, high-fidelity speakers, taught by a really enthusiastic and genuine couple, Atlas and Tone.


It was an added bonus that you are doing this in the heritage carriage works and meeting some cool people along the way.


This is a must do for any Sydney local who loves music!

-Alexander Burchett

I did this course with my brother Ryan as a bonding experience and oh was it fun. It was so great to escape the rush of Sydney life and get our hands dirty in the workshop.


Tone and Atlas are so passionate about The Speaker Project and consciously consider each step of the process.

It felt great to be working on a tangible one of a kind speaker that would be ours to take home. You lose track of time in the workshop and learn so much about acoustics and sound. 

Only problem is, my brother and I now fight over the speakers.

-Kyla Marais

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