Your speakers will sound lifelike. You find yourself forgetting they are speakers, rather you think the artist might be in the room playing for you..

Atlas and Tone love sharing their passion for music and speaker design. They are the yin and yang where Atlas provides input of science and engineering while Tone brings aspects of design and style to the workshops. With events experience and a passion for design she organises and assists during workshops.

Their complementing skill-sets allow the speaker building workshop to be a well- rounded experience where each session takes you on a journey of crafts, science and design.


He has a bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering and is working for one of Australia's leading engineering firms. With parents being blacksmith sculptors and creators of quality home interior pieces, Atlas has been exposed to design and craftsmanship his entire life.


The passion started in his late teens when purchasing his first pair of speakers, hooking them up to his system at home and thinking something wasn't quite there in terms of the quality of sound. He started digging deeper into the realm of speakers and found himself posting questions and eventually answers on forums and reading research articles about sound and speakers.


One of the most profound finding through his journey into audio has been the realisation that paying big money does not necessarily mean you get good quality sound, rather you pay for kick-ass marketing. There is a myriad of speaker brands out there, and it can be dauntingly difficult finding good quality for a reasonable price. Atlas figured it would be a great challenge to design and build his own speakers. Now he wants to share it with other.