Build your own pair of speakers in our 4 session workshop.


Over a course of 4 three hour sessions you will be given the tools, guidance and material to embark on your speaker project while gaining an insight into the art and science of speaker design.


You are going to build your own pair of high performance speakers which you take home after the last session. They aren't like any ordinary speakers, they outperform commercially available ones in terms of price and performance.


We live in a world where we over-consume and have limited attachment to the things we buy. When building your own pair of speakers, you develop a life long appreciation that will inspire you to care for and cherish these speakers for the years to come.  


The speaker building workshop is located on 245 Bondi Road at Critical Slide. If you wanna check out the speakers, you can find them playing groovy tunes in store during opening hours.  There's also great shopping and the crew at Critical Slide also grind a good bean so you have many reasons to swing by the store in Bondi.


You can book your spot for the speaker building workshop below. Click the 'See Dates' button to choose your preferred date range.


Important note: Due to COVID-19 our workshop is currently closed, expectantly for the upcoming 1-2 months. Coincidentally, we are developing an in-home speaker building course, which enables you to build a pair of speakers in your home. Read more about it here.




How a collection of sound can constitute as music and how speakers reproduce recorded.

Welcome to the The Speaker Project!

The session begins with a listening session; this sets the benchmark of how good music can sound.


You will then be introduced to the science behind sound and learn what is required to produce quality speakers. You get an understanding of the speaker components and what actually makes a loudspeaker sound incredible vs. mediocre.

You will find your spot at the workbench and get familiar with the materials and tools. With knowledge comes confidence and with Atlas's instructions you will be ready to start puzzle together the first parts of your very own handmade speakers.


By the end of this class you have glued the panels together and created the skeleton of your cabinet.


It is something truly amazing about seeing the transformation of raw wood turn into beautiful pieces of art.

Now the time has come to get into the zone for real. Making a smooth finish to your cabinets is an absolute joy!


You will learn wood surface techniques and the importance of the process  before adding the finish. 

Once you are happy with the finishing touches woodworking wise, you can stain and varnish the speakers to your liking. In this class you will also learn about the drivers; tweeter and woofer. You learn how the drivers collaborate to produce that high quality sound. 


It is a challenging yet enjoyable process, which also gives you an understanding how the internals of the speakers work.

The crossover forms the brain of the speaker. You will be taken through the basics of circuit theory, which is going to help you with assembling the electrical components and soldering all the wires to make the crossover. 


When the crossover is completed, placed inside the box and connected to the drivers, the speakers are ready to play.

Carrying on, you will test your speakers to ensure the sound is balanced and clear.


You have completed the wooden cabinet, assembled all speaker components and connected the electrical wiring.

You have completed your own set of speakers!


Before you take them home, you will test the acoustic and electrical characteristics by measuring equipment and by your own ear. Learn what the measurements mean and how they can be used to enhance speaker characteristics.


You are leaving the last session with a pair of speakers which you know from the inside and out. Hook them up in your home, put your favourite tune on and enjoy music like never before.