In-Home Course

We provide all material, tools and guidance so you can build your own pair of speakers in your home.


Building your own speakers is a fulfilling experience suitable for anyone who's looking for a fun activity, wants to learn new skills or needs a pair of high fidelity speakers.

We understand that building speakers can be an intimidating undertaking, but it doesn't have to be. Our philosophy is to make speaker building accessible to everyone by providing detailed guidance and all the necessary tools and materials. All you need to focus on is enjoying the experience of building your own speakers.

Our kit includes everything needed to build a pair of high performance speakers. The cabinet material is pre-cut Monterey pine plywood sourced from sustainable plantations with quality components. Timber can be upgraded to European Birch plywood on request.

Why Build Speakers?

Great sounding speakers are expensive to buy commercially. Building them yourself is an opportunity to learn how speakers work, develop practical skills and experience music as the artist intended, all while saving you money.


Build something that you will be proud to have for a lifetime


Learn about the fascinating world of electroacoustics


 Hear music the way the artist intended through speakers built by you.


Customise your speakers to suit your style

SAVE $$$

Don't spend thousands on commercially available speakers - Building your own is the affordable option


Build the internal electronics from scratch. Learn what goes on inside the speaker.

"You don't need pre-existing skills to build speakers - Our course guides you through the process"

How does the course work?

16 part video series guides you through each step in detail. 

Recipe Style Workbook

Each step introduces you to some basics and fun facts on building your own speakers, as well as what materials and tools to pull out from your kit. With a detailed description for each step, the workbook is great as an extra helping hand along the way while watching our video tutorials.

An illustrated workbook is provided and can be used along the video

Videos for every step

Each video has been produced to provide background information of the speakers design and function. The video then carries onto the intructions, which guides you through each step in detail. So no matter your skill level, you will be able to follow along and enjoy the process.


Why these speakers if I can buy a cheap portable speaker?


Portable speakers are good at one thing: being portable. They simply cannot compete in terms of sound quality. If you want music to sound like the original recording, then you need speakers that can reproduce sound accurately. 

Why they sound so good

These speakers have been designed over a period of two years - the timber material, to the electronics have been refined to put a great sounding speaker in to a simple pachage.


We've spent hundreds of hours testing and listening to our speakers to develop a world class design.

We've conducted vibration modal assessments to ensure the cabinet vibrations are optimised for music clarity and depth.


How do our speakers compare to $16,000 AUD speakers?


The graph to the right shows the frequency response of our speakers vs the Wilson Audio Tunetot ($16k). The closer the response is to a flat line the more truthful a speaker is to the original music.

Black line = TuneTot

Green line = Our speaker kit

comparison of tune tot and kit.jpg

Tunetot measurement results courtesy of HiFinews


Speaker front view
Speaker front view

Speaker side view
Speaker side view

Speaker back view
Speaker back view

Speaker front view
Speaker front view


The kit makes a pair of speakers suitable for small to medium sized rooms. To get the most of these speakers we recommend an amplifier that can provide 50 to 100 watts of clean power.  If you're unsure with amp choice please get in touch.

Speaker specifications:

Speaker drivers by SB Acoustics

2 Way Design

Ported enclosure (rear firing port)

Amplifier Power up to 100W 

Frequency Range: 50 Hz - 20 KHz

Sensitivity: 85 db @ 1 Watt

Dimensions: 34.5 cm high, 18 cm wide, 23.5 cm deep

Number of speakers in kit: Two

If some of these specs aren't part of your vocabulary, don't worry. Just know that these speakers are designed to reproduce music accurately.  By the end of the course you will have a solid understanding as to what the specifications mean. 


Get Your Speaker Kit


I cannot recommend this course enough, everything about it is great! Atlas makes what sounds like such a daunting task so easy and enjoyable. From the easy to understand videos to the kit itself, it's all layed out in front of you so you can craft a beautiful set of crisp Hi-Fi speakers. The course has given me a new appreciation for music as a whole. If you've ever thought about this course you won't regret it!

I just wanna say thanks again for the course, you've been great through the whole thing with the emails and calls and everything. It's been so great! 

—  Christopher Tate, Deakin ACT