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Experience the process of building your own speakers in a breathtaking venue.


Australia's only speaker building workshop


If you like the idea of doing something new while building a pair of speakers you can enjoy for life then this course is for you.

Over 4 sessions, you’ll be guided by speaker designer, Atlas Gouverneur,  through the process of building your own bespoke speakers. You will learn about the fascinating world of electroacoustics, speaker design and construction, all while sharing the experience with cool people.


The course has been developed to suit all skill levels, so whether your a seasoned craftsperson or a novice, you will enjoy the course and walk away with new skills and a functional piece of art made by you!

trohet speaker-14.jpg

Your speaker. Your style

The Speaker Project provides you with everything needed to build of a pair of our Trohet speakers.


You even get to select your preferred timber for the cabinets, the stain coloring and matching screws - it's about making something that you're proud of!

Past students often state how much they enjoyed watching their speakers transform from raw material to a finished speaker. 

We offer four timber types for the cabinet. So you can choose dark, light or medium toned timber to suit you style. 

Four timber species are on offer - European Birch, Alder, American Oak and Mahogany. 

Timber selection. It's your choice.


Birch plywood







Logs in Forest


Caring for our planet

One of the beautiful things about building your own speakers is that we have control of where the material is sourced from. 

With increasing rates of deforestation and illegal logging, we've made the pledge to only select FSC accredit timber form sustainably sourced plantations. 

The lessons

The workshop is broken down into four sessions that blends hands on with theoretical insights  presented in a fun and non-intimidating way. After each session you will feel a sense of achievement and gained a deeper understanding of how speakers work and designed for accurate sound reproduction.

Session 1

We start off with an introduction to the history of loudspeakers and their function. 

We then conduct a couple interesting experiments that show the workings of electromagnetism and the effects frequency and amplitude has on a loudspeaker.

Your teacher will then talk about the cabinet and the effects it has on bass production. 

We then get to messy part, making the cabinets by applying wood glue and clamps. 

what you learn in each step

Meet the teacher

the speaker design and measurements 

the locationsthe

The Design

The Trohet speaker has been designed for accurate music reproduction. This has been achieved by utilising premium components and developing a design that has a flat frequency response with low distortion.


We've been given appraisal from audio engineers and musicians who state just how good these speakers are. So whether these speakers are to be used for home or studio applications, you can be assured that you've built an outstanding pair of speakers.

Furthermore. this is a seriously high performance speaker that rivals commercial speakers costing more than $6,000. So by building them you gain a memorable experience all while saving your money. 


See our kits below

Build your own speakers in our workshop course where you learn about the craft of speaker design while 



Be guided through Australia's only in person speaker building course. 

Over a course of four 3 hour sessions you will be given the tools, material and guidance to embark on your speaker project while gaining an insight into the art and science of speaker design. Set in the historic Locomotive Workshops in Eveleigh instructed by experienced teacher Atlas.

Experience the craft of speaker building in our Workshop Course. By the end of the course, you walk home with your own pair of hand-crafted speakers that compete with speakers costing more than $6,500 commercially.



I cannot recommend this course enough, everything about it is great! Atlas makes what sounds like such a daunting task so easy and enjoyable. From the easy to understand videos to the kit itself, it's all layed out in front of you so you can craft a beautiful set of crisp Hi-Fi speakers. The course has given me a new appreciation for music as a whole. If you've ever thought about this course you won't regret it!

I just wanna say thanks again for the course, you've been great through the whole thing with the emails and calls and everything. It's been so great! 

—  Christopher Tate, Deakin ACT