MO.1 Kit

The Model 1 speaker suits the frugal audiophile looking for performance at a low cost 

The entry level model

Our Model 1 speakers are or entry level offering suited for people looking to obtain performance speakers at a low cost. These speakers compete with speakers costing $2000 commercially.

The Model 1 Kit

A box filled with material & tools to build a pair of our MO.1 speakers. Receive step by step video tutorials and eBook. No initial experience required.

AUD $599.00

Was AUD $775.00

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The speaker project was such a great learning experience that I encourage everyone who loves music to take part in. Week by week observing and developing the speakers was incredible and by the end you can have a lovely pair of hand crafted speakers to enjoy for a lifetime. The theory side of the course was also incredible in understanding the science of sound and how this impacts the speakers. By the way, they sound amazing! Highly recommend! Thanks Atlas

—  Dan, Erskineville

How It Works

We send you a box that contain all material and tools required to build a pair of speakers. Our philosophy is to take away all the time-consuming and difficult parts of speaker building so that you can focus on the fun stuff.

See the tools and materials you receive


Engaging Videos

Unlike IKEA, we provide video instructions that detail every step of building the speakers. Rest assured that the you wont be scratching your head as to where each part needs to go. Follow along with the video tutorials and be guided through each step of building your speakers. You will also be entertained with information about speaker deign.


Check out the video below for an example of the video tutorials. 

Detailed Workbook

The workbook goes further than just instructions, it's funny, interesting and introduces you to the art and science of speaker building - Each step provides detailed description on tthe full process as well as what materials and tools to pull out from your kit. The workbook acts as a helping hand to the video tutorials.

20200615_172029 (1).jpg
Speaker front view
Speaker front view

Speaker side view
Speaker side view

Speaker back view
Speaker back view

Speaker front view
Speaker front view



The MO.1 speakers have been designed to accurately reproduce a wide range of music styles.


Cabinet Material: Pre-cut Monterey pine plywood panels assist in reducing unwanted box vibrations.

Damping material: Polyester acoustic insulation dampens box resonance and ensures tight bass and clear mids are obtained.



Speaker drivers by SB Acoustics

2 Way Design

Power Handling: 50 Watts

Frequency Range: 65 Hz - 20 KHz

Sensitivity: 85 db @ 1 Watt

Dimensions: 34.5 cm high, 18 cm wide, 23.5 cm deep

Number of speakers: Two

If some of these specs aren't part of your vocabulary, don't worry. Just know that these speakers are super crisp and clear. If you were to buy similar speakers off the shelf, you're looking at spending up to $2000.

Get Your Speaker Kit

Secure your kit to embark on a new experience building your own speakers.

In-home Course

A box filled with material & tools to build a pair of speakers. Receive step by step video tutorials and eBook. No initial experience required.

AUD $599.00

Was AUD $775.00

Free Shipping Australia wide